Tech services

You name it. We are specialized in designing, analysing and installing enterprise-level cat 6 networks. We have also impressive experience in providing electrical and telecom equipment maintenance, either preventive, operational or corrective.

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We manage and develop high tech security solutions, tailored to your needs; from home surveillance systems with IP cameras and alarms, all the way to industrial level camera systems for integral facilities.

Sustainable solutions

All our services are eco-services.

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Each of our projects is carefully planned and considered, to avoid waste (we mean time as well as resources)


Our projects are our life. We dedicate our work to our projects, assuring quality and dedicated personnel to each one of your projects.

On time

We deliver on time and with quality because we plan, we execute and consider external factors to minimze any chance of late deliveries.

Great support

It's not just about getting the network running, but it is also about understanding and having someone who will help when you need it to be running.

Our Services

Integral solutions that encompass all of your physical, data link and network's requirements; physically installing and verifying structured cabling installations, installing and configuring devices, and certifying IPv6 network installations with Cisco™ Standards.

We can give preemptive maintenance to industrial degree electrical substations or generators.

Security solutions for your home, from a basic internet-connected surveillance kit, to a whole digital secure solution that connects all your entry devices as well as sensors and system to assure peace.

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We provide advanced telecom solutions for your company, security solutions for your home, and total security for your soul. We are able to solve any issue within Mexico; we've fixed an electrical substation in an industrial facility, to installed garden cameras to make sure the dog didn't eat the plants.

Our team is made of experienced electrical engineers and technicians, as well as electronic and systems engineerings and professionals with almost 100 years of combined experience. So, if you want it solved, yo contact us.

We're currently under transition, that's why you might seem our website a little different. However, if you need help contact your project representative and we'll be working as usual.


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I had a problem with our network systems in a far away town in Necaxa, Mexico. They were the only ones to be able to solve the issue within 24 hours. Government purchaser